Fire up the New Year

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to those who felt the need to come onto the Internet today…

In America, New Year’s Day is the day when all the major college football Bowl games are played.  Bowl games, for our international audience, are just an extra game at the end of a college footbal team’s season set up mainly to generate more money for the school and the game’s sponsor.  Some Bowls have a historical sentiment to them, like the Rose Bowl which has been played for 95 years.  The majority of the 34 Bowl games, however, are pointless, like the PapaJohns.com Bowl.

Anonymous Doug celebrates Bowl Season a bit differently, but he likes to share in the festivities with others.  So if you are so inclined, fire up a bowl and get baked with some friends with some Pink Floyd spinning on your turntable.

Bowl season never ends for Anonymous Doug.  That explains a lot.




  1. That’s OK. I’ll just sit here with you. If that’s alright.

  2. Pink Floyd is already playing (Echoes) and the Jack and Coke are in hand, but football? Dude, it’s about midget porn! Happy fucking New Years.

  3. Midget porn, eh? Sounds like someone hit the jackpot this Christmas.

  4. I think it’s time to have the regular season, the playoffs, the Bowl Season, and then final four. And if Papa Johns can sponsor a bowl, them I’m going to sponsor one.

  5. We celebrated with a bowl of punch…. then I woke up in my garage at eight in the morning…

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