Mikka’s Video Jukebox 01/09/09

January 9, 2009

We’re doing something different here this Friday. Today you get some Mystery Science Theater 3000. More specifically, one of their classic shorts. My formative years were spent worshiping this show, which I still do to this day. So this will be the best 17 minutes of your day right here…



  1. So if I wanted to point out that I always thought MST 3000 was really overrated, I would probably be better off just keeping that to myself?

  2. Love MST3K.

  3. Yes, SinisterDan, that would be wise.

    MST3K is part of my dating criteria. If a woman can keep up with MST3K, she can keep up with me.

  4. So, at first I thought this was the episode where they started yelling, “I’m a Q-tip, what are you? Look, look, look at my crotch!” But I was sorely mistaken, and now I’m very upset.

  5. I couldn’t find the one with Look at My Crotch. But Mr. B Natural is a classic.

    I did find A Case of Spring Fever though.

    Edit: FOUND IT!

  6. I bought the ‘Night of the living dead’ a while ago in a daouble pack with ‘carnival of souls'(?), and one of the guys from MST3K, does a commentary on them!

  7. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/unskippable

    You might enjoy this, its MST3K but for video game openings basically.


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