Tardyness Meta 01/09/09

January 9, 2009

As you can see, Renal Failure is being lazy to start the year.  So lazy that we forgot to mention to everyone that we were featured over at Unfinished Rambler for his Sunday Shout-Out.  The Unfinished one didn’t quite get us at first, but the madness finally caught him and he’s been here ever since.

So what we’d like to ask our readers is this: at what point did you “get” Renal Failure?





  1. not sure which post, but it was the T Lott that brought miss daisyfae’s head into the proper alignment… it all just came together around a peripheral RF player.

  2. Reading a few posts at the beginning before I was a regular I thought all the characters were actual people and places, the names were just characterised. But I realised a bit after that, and long before the one were Psycho Dave was making bacon in your kitchen.

  3. from Day One darlin’

    (your devoted and ardent fan, nursemyra)

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