Ox rhymes with… no wait, there’s already a zodiac sign for that

January 26, 2009

So it’s Chinese New Year once again, and Mikka and I are having our yearly celebratory lunch over at Hedvig’s Chinese and Finnish buffet.

“So this is the year of the Ox,” I say, reading my Chinese zodiac placemat.

“The Ox is a very serious sign,” says Mikka. “They’re not like you crazy creative Sheep.”

“Are you saying that because the placemat told you that?” I say. “Or are you saying that because you don’t have any good Ox jokes?”

“A little of both,” says Mikka. “Look, it’s a Monday. I’m not operating at optimal capacity. And they already have a year of the Cock.”

“So do you think you and Samurai Cathy will still be together when the year of the Tiger rolls around?” I say.

“I don’t see why not?” says Mikka. “Why? What have you heard?”

“Nothing,” I say. “Nothing at all.”

“Oh God, so you did hear something!” Mikka says, suddenly worried. “Oh hell, what is it? What’s wrong? What I do? What did she do? Who did she do? What, tell me what?”

“Nothing, you’re fine, she’s fine, you’re all fine,” I say.

“I can’t lose her, man,” Mikka says, still agitated. “She’s the best thing to happen to me in years. For the love of Thor, tell me what you know!”

Great… twenty minutes into the Chinese New Year and I’ve already ruined it for Mikka.

mikka smallnote




  1. just force feed her some of that Finnish Leipäjuusto and she’ll be just fine.

    but if she demands the hou pi xiang zhu, you’d better take sharp objects away from her pronto.

  2. He doesn’t have to worry if he’s enough of a man… oh… yeah maybe he should worry.

  3. “Crazy Creative Sheep” sounds like a good name for a band. Or an X rated film. Or something….

  4. A Chinese and Finnish buffet? Wow. Does Lordi play there?

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