Three decades of life and this is all I have to show for it?

January 28, 2009

I turn 30 today, an age that I never thought I’d live to see, what with the dangers of being in Portuguese Intelligence and a host of other personal and mental issues that you’d expect a person who writes a blog about a half-cyborg cat and a wiccan pimp to have.

“So… how many of your ‘done-by-30’ dreams have you failed to make reality?” says Mikka.

“Most of them,” I say as we get drunk… somewhere. Or nowhere. I can’t really be sure. “Time is cruel and unyielding and waits for no one.”

“No, that’s Tag Larkin,” says Mikka. “Well… it’s not like you have to stop trying to fulfill those dreams now that you’re 30. It’s not like there an anti-dreaming after 30 law.”

“Are you sure?” I say. “Because that sounds like something City Councilman Suitcase of Scorpions would pass.”

“Even so, that shouldn’t stop you,” says Mikka. “This is America, where laws are just inconveniences.”

“Only if you’re rich,” I say.

I guess now I have to work on new dreams to accomplish by the time I turn 40. Let’s see how many of those go unfulfilled.





  1. I’m guessing 42 =]

  2. happy birthday… rather than fulfilling dreams, go the “mid life crisis” route. easier than planning…

  3. Oh, happy birthday, RF. Why does this post seem slightly regretful and poignant? Go get drunker. Birthday!

  4. Believe me, there’s a lot of dreams that will go unfulfilled by the time you turn 40. I know, because I’m turning 40 this year. But as Rassles, go get drunker…go party with all of your imaginary friends. ;)

  5. You need to reduce and rethink you goals, ‘aim low, aim so low no one will care if you fail’… thats the only advice I’ve taken from Marge Simpson, and I give it to you, on your birthday.

  6. Congrats on the big 3-0! I hate queer phrases like “the big 3-0” incidentally.

  7. big birthday kisses from the nurse xxx

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