Friday Haiku – Anonymous Doug

February 6, 2009

We’re giving our Renal roster the chance to express themselves through poetry in a new feature we’re calling Friday Haiku.  And our first poet is Anonymous Doug, with a piece he calls Age of Consent:

Not quite seventeen
Problem in Arizona
But not in Georgia

That one goes over real well down at the local coffee shop poetry jam.





  1. From the sixties:
    “My nuts are in the bag.
    The bitch has the bag.
    Does the bitch have my nuts?
    If so, she has my soul…”

    Peace. Make love, not war. Tune in. Turn on. Drop out.
    One cannot simultaneously prepare for war and peace. Toke, hit, buff, Mary Jane, keeper, dodger…It’s in Alice’s Restaurant…one, two, three, four. What are we fightin’ for? Peace my bro’!

  2. Nothing in Georgia is a problem though, shes a slut… oh he was talking about the state.

  3. Actually the age of consent in the country of Georgia is 16… so it’s still no problem.

  4. Sorry about your renal failure but, your fabrication is boring. and, the 3 comments are obviously vomit. Sorry, try harder.

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