Context is the enemy of entertainment

February 9, 2009

“Okay, so there’s a 20 foot tall ninja,” I say.

“Right,” says Mikka.

“And then the 20 foot tall ninja breaks apart into six separate regular sized ninjas,” I say.

“And some of them fly around while others burrow into the ground to attack some guy,” says Mikka.

“And then after a few attacks, five of the ninjas explode into purple smoke,” I say.

“They might just disappear because ninjas use explosions and smoke to escape,” says Mikka.

“But there’s still one ninja left,” I say. “And then that ninja jumps into the air, and all her clothes fly off, revealing a naked ninja woman.”

“Stark naked ninja woman…” says Mikka.

And that’s when I point at Ninja Vicki. “And that’s why you’re unpopular, Vicki. You don’t do any of those things.”

Ninja Vicki just gives me the finger. You might think it’s for the whole naked ninja woman bit, but I think it’s because she knows she can’t find five other ninjas to form the giant Voltron Ninja.

mikka smallnote



  1. Damn you youtube and your anti nudity policy. I think I can confidently say there aren’t enough movies with naked female ninjas in them.

  2. Hi!
    I love ninja but naked ninja woman? Certainly will look forward to watch them.
    Great story my friend.
    See you around.

  3. who says yellow is the colour of cowardice?

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