Our love is forbidden, but our taste is just dandy

February 18, 2009

So I was at a Chinese New Year party a week or so ago and the host of said party brought out a bag of sweet potato-flavored french fries. But I don’t think she bought them because she was really into sweet potatoes in french fry shape, but rather what was on the bag.


“Yeah… you like that, don’t you… call me Sweet Tater… yeah, you dirty french fry whore…”

Renal Failure supports this type of product honesty, that a sweet potato fucked a french fry and now we have sweet potato fries. You don’t see other companies telling us the truth on how they combined two things into one great product. Reese’s never tells us about how chocolate and peanut butter banged each other to give us their delicious peanut butter cups. And no one ever dares reveal the horrifying truth behind turducken.

Renal Failure does not condemn different foods fucking each other, we just want our food manufacturers to be honest about it.





  1. Since they’re both potatoes, isn’t that incest?

  2. Just like a Tagotaur!

  3. About two weeks ago I bought a bag of Zapp’s sweet potato potato chips. God, that was a mistake. I like sweet potatoes and I like potato chips, but shit someone should have kept their root out of the deep fryer on this one.

  4. When I saw that pic my first though was why is that bald strawberry rooting that french fry. Sweet potato chips though, that makes more sense.

  5. Bald strawberries only fuck truss tomatoes Alex

  6. Sweet potato french fries are swweeet. Have to disagree with RedRaider. Let them make sweeet love all night long.

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