Samurai Cathy’s Video Jukebox 02/21/09

February 21, 2009

Mikka showed Cathy the movie Oldboy the other day and this was her favorite part, mainly because the rest of the movie is really crazy fucked up. That and it’s a pretty cool fight scene…



  1. The corridor scene is pretty good isn’t it. Oldboy… messed up movie though.

  2. Tit for tat: I think you already used this once, so I gave you a -1 on Humor Blogs.com, plus since you gave me a -1 there too. But I gave you thumbs up on some other of your posts, which I truly did enjoy, and also a good review over at Humor-Blogs.com. Sorry, if I offended you with my lame post last night. I’ll try to do better.

  3. Did I really give you a negative one on Humor-Blogs.com? I thought I gave it a positive. Dog balls! I’m so sorry. I’ll start voting up other posts of yours immediately, even if I haven’t read them.

    Plus if I already posted the Oldboy fight, then I deserve a vote-down for not being more vigilant in keeping track of this sort of thing.

  4. RF: No, please read my posts before you vote for them. Don’t just click on them if they’re not good. What I do is if a post isn’t good of someone that I regularly read, I vote them down. For example, people who put those stupid award posts…definitely no thumbs for those.

    Also I was a little bit…um…intoxicated last night and so might have reacted hastily. I will put this message on your blog as well. Please forgive me for my hasty action, because I realized you might have clicked accidentally — which I have done also. I believe you posted that before, but that might have been for Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League Blog too, and after so many years, you’re bound to repeat. It happens. Que sera, sera.

    About the clip, though, kick ass. I still have to see the movie.

  5. I should say I don’t vote them down. I just don’t vote for them. I think the voting down thing becomes a little bit too retaliatory myself.

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