Friday T-Shirt Fever!

February 27, 2009

It’s the last Friday of the month, and that means we’re participating in Nursemyra’s T-shirt Friday. This month we bring you more 80’s nostalgia…


If I go out to the pubs or clubs or whatever with this shirt on, someone will always compliment me on wearing such an awesome shirt. And it is an awesome shirt because everyone loves Pac-Man.


I have not used “So, you wanna be Ms. Pac Man tonight?” as a pick-up line. Perhaps I should.




  1. Oh, dear, now I am getting flashbacks to the early 80s and the college classmate whose crap-job was waiting tables at the nearby crass mall’s Frenchized chain restaurant and his habit of playing Pac Man and Kong and Super Mario to kill time after his shift if I came out to meet him for a beer…

    In massage school they told us one way to think of our basic hand movement was “little Pac-Man chomps.”

  2. My hand is up in the air for the role of Mrs Pac Man for a night (or two….)

  3. […] renalfailure Published in: […]

  4. I so kicked ass at Pac Man. I spent many an evening memorizing the patterns, and then more than a few bucks mastering the timing. At the height of my career, people used to pay for my games just to see me play . . .

    Sweet shirt . . .

  5. Can I be Ms. Pac Man (the second) if there’s anything left of you after nursemyra is done?

  6. I don’t know if I’ve ever played pac man… I must have at some stage but I can’t remember doing so.

  7. sorry daisyfae – there won’t be anything left…..

  8. Those shirts rule. Like, totally. I want.

  9. Schexxy pac pac!

  10. But that’s just Blinky, Inky, and Clyde. Where’s Pinky? Goddammit, it’s right behind me isn’t it? I need to get to a corner, stat.

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