Testing Positive for Tag Larkin

March 5, 2009

Tag Larkin is not on steroids. Tag Larkn has never taken steroids. Steroids have nothing to offer Tag Larkin because Tag Larkin is on something more powerful than steroids. The tests are in and…

Tag Larkin has tested positive for Tag Larkin.

Testing positive for Tag Larkin will not get you suspended or banned from playing the sport of your choice. But it will increase the likelihood that you’ll be banished from most restaurants, department stores, and charity events.

Side effects of Tag Larkin do not include dry mouth, abdominal cramps, or blood in your urine. They do include playing by your own rules, having no one get close to you, answering to nobody, going all out, regretting nothing, having too much pride, always winning, getting in that ass, drinking other people’s milkshakes, not answering questions the way other people want, severely misjudging the relationships you have with other people, and transcending the expectations and mores of mundane human society. If side effects last longer than four days, seeking medical attention will be pointless. Just crack open a tall boy and break something.

Unlike other substances, you can continue to be on Tag Larkin while pregnant. Conversely Tag Larkin doesn’t mind being in you when you’re pregnant either.

You don’t need to ask your doctor if Tag Larkin is right for you. Tag Larkin will determine that on his own. Because you don’t take Tag Larkin, Tag Larkin takes you.





  1. ready and waiting Tag…..

  2. Tag Larkin is dreamy.

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