Crimson Rising: Part Three

March 11, 2009

The doorbell rings at the suburban home of the Cechmarek family and is answered by 45-year-old dental hygenist Jeannie Cechmarek, who finds two superheroes on her front porch. One is dressed in a bulletproof rubber dragon body suit and mask; the other is clad in red spandex and is floating in mid-air, leaving her limp legs dangling just inches off the ground.

“Hi Mrs. Cechmarek, we spoke on the phone earlier,” Dragon Dyslexic says before introducing herself and Crimson Paraplegic. “We’re about here for your Janis daughter.”

“We’re here about your daughter Janis,” Crimson Paraplegic says, making sense of Dragon Dyslexic’s jumbled word order.

“Oh good, come on in,” says Jeannie Cechmarek. “She’s upstairs in her room. The poor girl’s been so distraught after not getting into that Super Sorority group.  She just locks herself in there all day and won’t let us come near her. Sometimes she gets so bad that we have to wait until she goes to sleep before we can even go upstairs.”

“Don’t worry, ma’am, we’ll fix that,” says Dragon Dyslexic.

“Yeah, we can relate to what she went through,” says Crimson Paraplegic.

They went upstairs and down the hall to the closed door of Jeannie’s room, pausing just beyond arms reach of it.

“Just be careful with Janis,” says Dragon Dyslexic. “She could possibly be more you than powerful. I mean-”

“No, I understand,” says Crimson Paraplegic. “And I strongly doubt she is.”

“Then be my guest,” says Dragon Dyslexic, waving her comrade toward the door, and then backing away from it.

Crimson Paraplegic shrugs and knocks at the door. “Hey Janis. This is Crimson Paraplegic and Dragon Dyslexic. We’re here to talk to you.”

“Go away,” says a mousy voice behind the door. And then an invisible wave of force hits Crimson Paraplegic, throttling her away from the door and almost to the stairs before Crimson slows herself to a stop.

“What the yellow-and-blue-make-green hell was that?” Crimson Paraplegic exclaims.

“Her power,” says Dragon Dyslexic. “Anxiety Girl can create invisible force fields to repel anything away from her or to trap things. ”

“Anxiety Girl?” says Crimson Paraplegic. “She tried to get the token disabled-hero spot with anxiety as her disability? Are you serious?”

“Severe depression and anxiety are psychiatric disabilities,” says Dragon Dyslexic. “And not only does she have an abundance of both, but they also fuel her powers. If she were to have a nervous breakdown, she could destroy a city block just on reflex.”

“So who’s her archenemy?” says Crimson Paraplegic. “Paxil-Woman? Zoloft-Boy?”

“And who’s yours, Ms. Dangly-Legs? Michael Flatley and the entire cast of Riverdance?” says Dragon Dyslexic.

“You win this round…” says Crimson Paraplegic.

Dragon Dyslexic cautiously inches up to the door to Janis’s bedroom. “Janis, this is Dragon Dyslexic and we’re here to ask you to join our super-group. We were rejected from Radiant Gale’s group too and we could use your talents.”

“Really?” Janis says from behind the door. “No joke?”

“Not a joke, Janis,” says Dragon Dyslexic.

After a few silent moments, they hear Janis undo the lock on her door. She opens it a crack, allowing Crimson Paraplegic to see the young Janis with her blonde bangs and rectangular black glasses. This also allows Janis to see Crimson Paraplegic. “What’s wrong with her legs?”

“Duh, I’m a paraplegic,” says Crimson Paraplegic. “It’s in my friggin’ name.”

The door slams shut and Crimson Paraplegic gets thrown backward again.

“Janis, she didn’t mean it,” Dragon Dyslexic pleads. “She’s just pissed off that she got left out of the Sorority too. Just like you. So how about you let us in and we’ll talk, okay?”

The door opens just a crack again. “I want some pizza. And a bottle of rum.”

“You’re 17,” says Dragon Dyslexic. “I can’t get you-”

The door slams shut.

Dragon Dyslexic sighs and turns to Crimson Paraplegic. “Know where we can get some Bacardi at this hour?”

“Captain Morgan Parrot Bay,” Janis says from behind her door.

“Yeah, I know just the place,” says Crimson Paraplegic. “Give me twenty minutes.”

To be continued…

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  1. The plot thickens . . .

  2. Oh, I hope Radiant Gale gets her ass whooped by the new super crew.

  3. Paraplegic or not, Crimson can be really pissy sometimes can’t she.

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