T-shirt Friday is the Place to Rock

March 27, 2009

Spring Break won’t keep us from participating in Nursemyra’s T-Shirt Friday. This month’s T-shirt is dedicated to T-Lott Posse member Rassles and the late great Wesley Willis.


This shirt was a gift years ago from my friend in Chicago. He got to The Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s before it closed. But the song about the place by Wesley Willis will live forever.


Rock over London, Rock on Chicago… Wheaties, it’s the breakfast of champions.




  1. loves that Wesley Willis. the man could rock the casio keyboard…

  2. brrrr…. I can’t even think about McDonald’s long enough to listen to the YouTube video

    • But McDonald’s is the place to rock… and to eat yourself into a massive heart attack or three.

  3. very cool T!

    never knew about the rock’n’roll McDonalds before. there are advantages to living down under :-)

    • The only thing McDonald’s is good for is the first meal after a hard night of binge drinking. If you give your body something worse to handle it will totally forget about the hang over.

  4. The Rock N’ Roll McDonalds was amazing. They still have half the building standing there, next to a massive two-story McD’s monstrosity that sucks.

    That being said, fuck yeah Wesley Willis. And fuck yeah, me.

  5. Rassles – are you still drunk? :-)

  6. Interesting T-shirt. We have a hamburger joint here that echos the malt shop of the ’50s and ’60s. They play all the old songs from that era all day. Equally lethal food, though, but much tastier than McDonalds.

  7. Sounds like something around my area called “Nifty Fifty’s” where you can get like 100 flavors of soda and all sorts of milkshakes too.

  8. 100 flavours of soda? they must be venturing into those weird ones like mustard seed and chili dog….

  9. Bugger that I missed this months. Bugger.

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