I Pity the April Fool

April 1, 2009

Last year we invented April Zuul’s Day, but it seems that it didn’t catch on quite as well as we hoped (much like everything else we create here at Renal Failure). We blame this on our own lack of proper marketing for this new day, and not on a percieved lack of enjoyment on the part of the people regarding the movie Ghostbusters.

But we’re not going back to April Fools Day, because we can’t be trusted with it. Ninja Vicki thinks snare traps in the park are appropriate pranks. Apparently watching people hang upside down with their ankle ligaments torn and their possessions dropping out of their pockets is what passes for ninja humor.

Samurai Cathy doesn’t take pranks well because of her samurai code of honor. Last year someone did that joy buzzer handshake joke to her and she was forced to challenge him to a duel. Luckily it wasn’t a duel to the death, she just had to draw his blood with her blade to restore her honor. Still, the guy had to go to the hospital.

The last prank Anonymous Doug played involved transporting a minor across state lines where the age of consent laws were less puritanical.

Tina the Lesbian suggests we have April Jewel’s Day, where we read passages from Jewel’s poetry. Mikka suggest April Stool’s Day. I’m not sure if that involves a fiber-eating contest or a marathon Mexican buffet session, but April Stool’s Day is just fun to say.

I think I’ll stick with April Zuul’s Day, thank you very much. It’ll catch on.





  1. we had April Falls Day at the gimcrack (the real gimcrack, not my blog).

    trying to raise awareness of those old people who yell out “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

  2. So did Sigourney Weaver stop by wearing a corset and thigh high boots? Or is Zuul like the Great Pumpkin just teasing believers?

    Perhaps Nurse Myra could help us understand Zuul better.

  3. I am the keymaster!


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