Friday Haiku – Ninja Vicki

April 3, 2009

Ninja Vicki has two haikus, as the haiku form is well-suited to ninjas because they don’t have a lot of time to write flowery metaphors and overwrought verse.

Shadow in your house
Cold, silent, and you don’t know
You’re already dead

Guy in polo shirt
Douchebag pops his dumb collar
His face, I kick hard

vicki smallnote




  1. Go Ninja Vicki!

  2. a hard core haiku
    douche bag needs another punch
    makes me laugh out loud

  3. Ninja who punch full douchebag get wet much

  4. Hey did you see that Ninja thing over at the Ominous Comma, wheres the linky…


    You should chuck in a ninja vicki story…

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