T-Shirt Friday Ho!!!

April 24, 2009

Last Friday of the month, and you know what that means… T-Shirt Friday (as started by Renal Failure’s Number One Fan NurseMyra)!

I love my 80’s nostalgia, and as such love the Thundercats.   Or at least the logo because it’s really bad-ass.



Like my Decepticon t-shirt, I’ve had this one since my freshman year of college too.  I used to own one with a larger Thundercats logo, but it ceased to be wearable last year.  Weird how some shirts stay together forever and others just fall apart.





  1. Funnily enough I passed a jacked-up sedan with an outsize Decepticon on my way to the gym yesterday.

  2. Sorry, I meant “outsize Decepticon sticker.” I just got up.

  3. Sword of omens…

    • Give me sight beyond sight!

      Especially into that window across the street where that hot girl lives.

  4. my favorite sweatshirt – an orange “wheaties” shirt – has perhaps 3500 remaining cotton molecules left. but i shall never get rid of it. it’s stored in a closet, and sometimes i just like to touch it. had it since the mid-1970’s.

  5. It’s hard to be pink and bad ass ;-)

    • Actually it’s red. I chalk this up to the poor quality of my cell phone camera and the lighting in my bathroom.

  6. Strangely hot.

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