Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat’s Video Jukebox 05/09/09

May 9, 2009

Not a music video… but it tells you a lot more about Bernie and Marlie’s sex life than you ever wanted to know.



  1. I don’t have sound on my computer, but I think got the gist of it regardless.

    My favourite sex position is lion-style. being held down by my lover biting the back of my neck is a major turn on ;-)

  2. You can get the same effect as those barbs with a fatuous idiot who thinks he’s a big stud for jumping all over a woman while she’s still sound asleep…

  3. vaginal shredding up to 100 times a day? Holy crap!

    • Welcome to Renal Failure, Annette. Our motto is: Come for the wild fabrications, stay for the vaginal shredding.*

      *not really our motto. We just wanted to be the first ever to use “vaginal shredding” in a motto.

      • great motto. can I steal it for the Gimcrack?

  4. no amount of ear licking is going to make up for shredding my vagina with a barbed penis. i like it rough, but that’s a bit much…

  5. Renal that is some hot stuff. I’ll leave it alone thank you.

  6. Fucking OW.

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