Ninja Vicki and Tag Larkin’s Video Jukebox 05/16/09

May 16, 2009

No, they’re not dating again. It’s a rare joint video jukebox this week for Cascada’s Everytime We Touch. Ninja Vicki likes it because of her love of cheesy up-tempo Euro-dance (and if you laugh at her about it she will fucking cut you). Tag Larkin likes it because he thinks the video shows what happens in libraries all time.



  1. i often bring a change of costumes to the library. you just never know.

  2. Can you come over here and fix the sound on my speakers so I can listen to it?

    I’ve got some other chores for you while you’re here too…..

    • And with that comment, my good nurse, you have posted Renal Failure’s 2000th comment.

      It’s no chore doing work for Nursemyra…

  3. If they don’t want people dancing in the library, why did they put up all the strobe lights?

  4. 2000!?!? whoopee… what did I win….?

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