Precious Encouragements 05/17/09

May 17, 2009

Don’t let life get you down. Get life to go down on you.

This has been your Precious Encouragement of the Week. If your issues are so big that oral sex can’t solve them, you need more help than a blog about a cyborg cat can give you.


  1. Oral sex won’t solve my problems but it definitely means I won’t care about them for a while.


  2. problems? huh?

  3. Your worldview is limited. Catullus had it better: Pedicabo ego vos, et irrumabo.

    • Now that’s a Latin phrase worth memorizing. Forget habeus corpus or carpe diem or caveat emptor.

  4. Does life do that swirly thing with its tongue?

  5. Definitely brightened my day.

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