Her lifting belt is diamond encrusted

May 22, 2009

It’s been a while since we inducted someone into the Renal Failure Trent Lott Posse, but that just shows how tough it is to get into this exclusive club.

So everyone raise up your Courvasier for SledPress, the newest and most ripped member of the T-Lott Posse.  She’s got Ninja Vicki muscles.  That’s impressive considering the usual sedentary nature of blogging.  But she’s not just known for her dead lifts and leg press prowess (and her super masseuse skills), reading her posts tells us that her brain can bench 250 easily.  And while Renal Failure rocks the haiku, SledPress bring the limericks hardcore.

Bonus:  like Nursemyra and fellow Trent Lott Posse member Daisyfae, Sledpress knows how to rock the corset.

We believe she found us via our number one fan NurseMyra, as her first comment here was part of the good nurse’s T-Shirt Friday extravaganza.  And she’s been here ever since contributing to the Renal community.

So congratulations to SledPress for proving herself worthy to roll with the pimptastic Trent Lott and his posse.  We don’t know if she’s stronger than the mysterious forces that keep Trent Lott’s hair in place, but if she isn’t she’s damn close.


Wear it with pride, SledPress.  You’ve earned it.





  1. hmmmmm…. what made you pick the shanghai corset?

  2. i bet she’d make Tag Larkin have an honest to god second thought…

    • That would require Tag Larkin to have a first thought…

  3. Mama Sledpress is deeply honored and humbled.

    Today is Abs Day but she always concludes with a set of handstand pushups, which she dedicates to Trent and Tag.

    Now she just has to figure out this “putting a banner on the blog” trick, since that seems to be one stunt where my brain fails on the fourth rep…

  4. […] unsavory gargling noises, due to the latest wave of pollen), I had been inducted into the exclusive Renal Failure Trent Lott Posse. No, that’s not a lot of grads from Ole Miss on the piss, it’s an inner circle revolving […]

  5. The posse grows, we need to start having a beef with someone, our rep would be killer then.

  6. Most excellent! Ms. Sled is the muscle that deserves it!

  7. […] Renal Failure, because of persistent creativity and a knack for Haiku — and that half-cyborg […]

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