Precious Encouragements 05/24/09

May 24, 2009

Yeah?  So what are you going to do about it?

This has been your Precious Encouragement of the Week.  Blurring the line between motivational nuggets of wisdom and brash schoolyard taunts since 2006.



  1. my favorite schoolyard taunt as a child: that ‘rubber/glue’ thing. today: ‘suck my dick’

  2. “You are too!”

  3. “You dropped your candy bar. Eat it up. Then we’ll call it a day.”

    Oh yeah. Rudy is a bad ass.

    • Nice Monster Squad reference.

      “My name…” *cocks shotgun* “…is Horace!”

  4. That kids being tough and he’s called Derek… oh those movie writers, what will they think of next!

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