Precious Encouragements 05/31/09

May 31, 2009

You’re not a victim of political correctness, you’re just being an asshole and you can’t stand it that someone is pointing it out to you.

This has been your Precious Encouragement of the Week. Taking the time every Sunday to be an asshole. But to who?  Therein lies the mystery.



  1. political correctness ruined the workplace. no more sexual gestures with donuts. i’m still in mourning…

    • I mourn with you Daisy, I really do…

  2. It’s an easy thing for me to be politically correct. I mean being from the heart of the P.C. movement-Mississippi…
    I love all of the little people of various skin tones and mixed races. Bless their little hearts. I truly embrace the poor, dumb bastards.

  3. To whom. And yes, pointless nit-picking is the mark of the asshole.

  4. Nothing about politics is ever correct. So the entire phrase is based on an irrelevant premise.

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