Haiku Friday 06/05/09 – Anonymous Doug

June 5, 2009

Hey, it’s either this or I get off my ass and write a whole original post on a Friday. Doug felt the spirit of the poet within and needed to release it.

Drunk bitch in tanktop
I gave her a roofie just
So she’d stop talking

Unpopular friend
Your flaws have no dominion
I’ll settle for you





  1. these are lovely… brings a tear…

  2. did the roofie work?

    • There’s a scary thought… a girl who’s built up an immunity to roofies. Hmm… actually that’s a good idea for a future post.

  3. Oh, he’s so dreamy. Like the creepy guy in the corner of your eye.

  4. Waiting on that future post renal……

  5. Chicks love it when you settle for them…

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