Tag Larkin has a plan

June 24, 2009

There’s a saying that is usually attributed to the US Marine Corps and is paraphrased a number of ways.  The version we’re using is this: “Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

Tag Larkin has a similar plan… to fuck everyone he meets.

Tag Larkin sees you, wherever you happen to be.  At the bar.  Riding your bicycle.  Showering.  Doesn’t matter.  Tag Larkin has figured out how he wants you, whether he even knows you or not.  And it’s going to be sexy hot because…

Tag Larkin has a plan.

The hallmark of a good planner is versatility, and Tag Larkin is very versatile when it comes to planning to fuck everyone he meets.  Maybe Tag Larkin will fuck you on his kitchen counter.  Maybe Tag Larkin will fuck you in the back of a rental car in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  Or maybe Tag Larkin will fuck you while sloppy drunk against the wall of cramped broom closet.  Doesn’t matter.  Tag Larkin can adapt to any situation because…

Tag Larkin has a plan.

This isn’t to say that Tag Larkin is necessary going to fuck you.  Some people can’t handle Tag Larkin’s kind of love.  But that’s not going to stop Tag Larkin from planning to fuck you.  You might just change your mind, and when that happens Tag Larkin will not be caught unprepared to bend you over a pinball machine and fuck you until you forget how to speak your native language.

Tag Larkin has a plan.  Do you?  Of course not, and that’s what you’re not Tag Larkin.  You’re just someone Tag Larkin has planned to fuck.





  1. Two Words: Eskimo Nell.

    • Never bet against Tag Larkin, even against legendary whores from bawdy ballads.

  2. Fuck Tag Larkin.

    • Tag Larkin has a plan to fuck Tag Larkin. It’s complicated and may involve a time machine.

  3. Jesus! I seriously want Tag Larkin to fuck me over a pinball machine asap…..

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