Something Crazy This Way Comes

July 29, 2009

There’s a new study out of Hungary saying that ” a genetic mutation linked to psychosis and schizophrenia also influences creativity.”  Does mental illness influence creativity, or is it the other way around?

So I ponder the ramificiations of these results as I sit around the bar with a talking half-cyborg cat, that cat’s drunken Irish Catholic wife, a wiccan pimp, a man who you forget about when he leaves the room, a ninja, a samurai, a paraplegic superhero, and Tag Larkin (a man who defies any and all classifications).  Briefly.  Then I stop pondering and go back to drinking my antifreeze margarita with an Oxi-Clean shooter.

The study also says intelligence is a factor on whether the “mutation boosts creativity or contributes to psychosis.”   As the scientist doing the study is quoted as saying: “My clinical experience is that high-IQ people with psychosis have more intellectual capacity to deal with psychotic experiences.  It’s not enough to experience those feelings, you have to communicate them.”

Now I may be a college graduate and a champion pub quiz player, but the fact that my degree’s in English/Communications (which is just a B.A. in dick jokes) and that I’m able to win gift cards and cash with my vast knowledge of trivia doesn’t necessarily get me closer to joining MENSA.  So I worry if I have enough smarts to stay the necessary one step ahead of the crazy.  I already know not to listen to the couch when it threatens to eat me because I know it doesn’t have teeth or a proper digestive system, and that I should disregard the toaster’s advice because he’s a racist, but I can’t tell how far ahead of the crazy train I  actually am in case it unexpectedly speeds up on me.

“Shut up, you’re fine,” says Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat.  “The fact that you can articulate these concerns means you’re not psychotic.”

Well, if the talking cyborg cat says I’m okay, who am I to argue?





  1. Very apt. I think we are all worried that the train might be catching up to us at some point. However, this is the burden we bare for great art…like renal failure.

  2. The voices in my head tell me i’m not crazy.

  3. You may be a champion pub quiz player, but are you the Augustana College Trivial Pursuit Champion of 2001, 2002, and 2003?


    I didn’t fucking think so.

  4. all funny people are intelligent. not all intelligent people are funny. some intelligent people are psychotic. some psychotic people eat poo. therefore… fuck it. i’m drinking in an airport… this is too much like work.

  5. ‘and that I should disregard the toaster’s advice because he’s a racist,’

    *Insert ‘white goods’ joke here*… What, your the creative one aren’t you? Lazy fucker…

  6. hey daisyfae you missed “some funny people are psychotic”

    was that an alcoholic omission?

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