T-Shirt Friday Has 100 Legs

July 31, 2009

Last Friday of the month means Nursemyra’s T-Shirt Friday.  And I’m kicking it old school again with another shirt from college that I still wear to this day.  Who remembers playing this is in the arcade?  Who actually remembers video arcades?

centipede1 001

If you jiggle my joystick, I’ll roll your trackball.  (See, ’cause you played Centipede by rolling a trackball on the console instead of a… you know that would have been a killer line back in 1984.)

centipede1 002

BONUS: I took these with my new digital camera.  It’s now only slightly less harder to do these self-pictures now.

centipede1 003

It doesn’t quite get the same props as my Pac-Man ghosts shirt, but it still gets a nod from those who never forgot where they came from.





  1. I’ll jiggle your joystick RF (and I’m wearing leopard print just for you)

  2. arcades… where pedophiles hung out before the internet!

  3. that shirt is ace, i love that game, second only to Donkey Kong and possibly tied with Gorf and Galaga.

  4. I hung out at pool halls. Have never been in an arcade.

    Bit scary that t-shirt.

  5. […] nurse myra 70s teen Renal Failure Silverstar Posted in clothing, photos, t-shirt friday. 6 Comments […]

  6. Sort of makes me think of the 60’s…

    Mine is up, too.

  7. If your centi peed, how do you get the stain out?

    Sorry… I know that was lame but one of the cats left me a present this morning and my mind is running that way…

    • Would someone who molested 100 children be known as a centipedophile?

  8. I do not recognize this game but the graphic is cool.

    When I was in college there were no video arcades. In fact, they hadn’t even come up with “Pong” yet (there were also no PCs). There may have been pool halls but I didn’t hang out there because I was way too busy getting straight A’s so I could get into medical school. Turns out I could have had a lot more fun because I didn’t make it into medical school largely because I was applying during antediluvian times when they had (very small) quotas for how many women they allowed to take up space and while I was outstanding I wasn’t THAT outstanding.

    Nevertheless, I love that t-shirt, whatever it is referring to.

  9. I used to play Stampede, which is probably the fucking stupidest and best video game ever. I was awesome.

    My dad and his roommate split their Atari games after they both got married. He got the second half of the alphabet, and his friend the got the first.

    So I’ve only ever played Atari games that start with M-Z.

  10. N-Z. Sor.

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