Lovely blog you got there… shame if something happened to it

August 1, 2009

Finally getting our lazies asses aroud to this… Renal Failure Trent Lott Posse member Sledpress has awarded us with one of those blog awards that other blogs send to other bloggers they like.  And while Renal Failure isn’t much for memes, we are suckers for graphics to display.  So add this to our trophy case…


Now there are some strings attached to this award.  Apparently we have to “Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you love and/or have newly discovered.”  We find this problematic for a few reasons.

1) We don’t read 15 blogs, and most of the ones we do read already got this award from Sledpress.  Or we’ve already given them awards.

2) We feel passing an award such as this around to 15 people at a pop cheapens it to the point where it’s almost like getting chicken pox, that’s it’s less a display of sincere appreciation and more something everyone gets once, never gets again, and then is promptly forgotten.

So we’re going to make like Tag Larkin and play by our own rules.  What, is the One Lovely Blog committee going to revoke our One Lovely Blog Award from us?  You and what Lovely Army?

Anyway, we’re going to give this award fifteen times to one blog, and that blog belongs to Jimmy Bastard, because he’s twice the writer we’ll ever be and he scares the unholy crabmeat out of us (though we’re pretty sure he’s a quite lovely gentleman).  Plus he’s probably the only person alive who could take Tag Larkin in a scrap, and that has to count for something.  I mean, Tag Larkin eats zombies.

So raise a pint for our favorite Glaswegian, for he has a lovely blog.



  1. excellent choice… My money is on Mr. Bastard… sorry Tag…

  2. I’m truly honoured, and just for once I’m lost for words. What else can I say apart fae “thank’s very much, and who the bejaysus is this Tag fella?”

    • Tag Larkin cannot be described, only felt.

  3. Congratulations Jimmy!

  4. I approve. The reception of the thing sort of blindsided me, and I note I only identified eight recipients on first pass.

    I am glad to report that the “Manly Blogger Award” has been instituted as a riposte to all this roses and teacups stuff.

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