Friday Haiku 08/07/09 – Anonymous Doug

August 7, 2009

Your meth addiction
My low standards and loose cash
Twitchy love tonight

The finest one I know is
Desperation (yeah!)





  1. I’m wiping a tear from my eye, that was beautiful!

  2. I love me some haikus!!
    Thank you for sharing your emotions with us! I have been inspired.

    I would like to describe my day yesterday in a haiku…

    Stressful day with kids
    Going to mom-in-law’s now
    Beer, whine, alcohol

  3. twitchy love is good… adds an entirely new dimension to sex…

  4. Both you and Kathy from The Junk Drawer had haikus today. Who’s stealing ideas from whom? That’s what I want to know. Hmmmm? Do you have anything to say for yourself, Anonymous Doug?

  5. oops, signed under my wrong ego. That last comments was from me, not from that guy. Please.

    • We’ve been rocking the Friday Haiku since February 6th of 2009 (the first done by Anonymous Doug). As far as I can tell from searching The Junk Drawer, this was Kathy’s first haiku. Point Renal Failure.

  6. there’s no aphrodisiac like loneliness….


    • That’s a groovin’ tune, nursemyra…

  7. Damn! No speakers at this internet cafe

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