T-Shirt Friday – August 2009

August 28, 2009

It’s been a long while since I’ve worn one of my shiny shirts… and that’s mainly because I’m 30 and not in college anymore.  But I figured T-Shirt Friday was a good excuse to break one out for old time’s sake…


You can tell its shiny because it reflects the flash from my camera (and I haven’t figured out yet how to turn off said flash).  I don’t think I’ve worn it since 2001, but it hasn’t lost its luster in my opinion.  And plus how can you get rid of such a shiny shirt?  Look at it.  Look at me shine like a motherfucker!


I remembered some things as I put this shirt on.  I remembered that I usually only wore this in the Fall and Winter  – and not the middle of August – because it seals in body heat and will cook you.   I also remembered I was a smaller person back in 2001 when I last wore this, as in less muscular, so an already tight shirt has become even tighter and also harder to remove (still looks pretty good, though).  I also remembered I always wore this shirt with a pair of tight black vinyl pants.  I no longer have those pants, no longer have those skinny legs, and so I no longer have any pants that go with this shirt.

Happier times, those days.  Shinier, happier times.





  1. Disco fever! I want to know why you still own said shiny shirt? I will admit you fill it out well.

  2. The Adventures of Shiny Shirt. Yep. It’s cool enough to have it’s own tv show…

  3. Jesus Christ! Where did people actually wear those?

  4. @Etta: You never know when you’re going to need a shiny shirt.

    @Daisy: And Shiny Shirt’s Sidekicks can be Leather Corset and Velvet Boots.

    @Sled: I don’t know anyone else who wore this type of shirt. I was the only one on our small campus with these types of outfits.

    • ooooh – i’m liking it. and we drive around in the “Cougar Mobile”…

      • Can Velvet Corset and Leather Boots join in?


  5. Obviously, you are ridiculous.

  6. I am Disco Inferno dancing on that shiny number .. great pecks Renal :-)

  7. Where are my sunglasses!! I’m visiting from over at NM’s!!

  8. I want one. But I don’t think it will look good on me.

  9. I can relate to the fact that it would seal in body heat, but what price gorgeousness? I can certainly see why you would want to save such a grand shiny thing.

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  11. I can’t decide whether I have more or less respect for you after seeing that shirt…

  12. I think REM wrote a song about you.

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