Evergreen Date of Honorable Laboring Tiger

September 7, 2009

It’s Labor Day in America, “a day off for the working citizens“.  It’s sort of like International Worker’s Day on May 1st, except it doesn’t scare our capitalist overlords with “socialist, communist, or anarchic” undertones.  Like most other people in this country, we’re also not working today.  Instead we’re letting someone else do our working for us: the English to Japanese back to English back to Japanese and so on translator site known as Translation Party.

We threw the first ever Tag Larkin post into the translator.  This is what we’ve chosen to share from its many, many results.  The original post is in italics, the translated text is bold…

Tag Larkin plays by his own rules.

When he plays Monopoly, if he lands on Boardwalk with a hotel on it and you own it he draws his gun and says “If you want my rent come and get it, punk.”

Tagurakin plays his own rules.

If the hotel was controlling the game in his way, his land, his own opinion “is to borrow a stick to draw a gun.”

Tag Larkin plays by his own rules.

When he’s at work at Chickensian Dystopia (the chicken fast-food joint with a Charles Dickens motiff), sometimes if you order a 12-piece David Copperfield Chicken Nugget Meal, he’ll only give you six. And if you ask why all he’ll say is “What you ordered and what I give you are two different things, punk.” Then he takes out the Yellow Pages from behind the counter and says he’s going to let your face do the walking if you don’t go away.

Tagurakin plays his own rules.

His work is Chickensian dystopia (motiff Charuzudikenzu chicken fast food joint), the 12 Pisudebiddokappafirudochikinnagetto to eat sometimes, he only I 6.  And if you ask why, all he is “different from you and how these two things I’ll say is punctured one ordered.” Autoieropejikaunta from behind if he is now, then he is your takes it’s going to be walking the face.

Tag Larkin plays by his own rules.

When the cops pull Tag Larkin over for running a red light, he looks at the officer with steely eyes and says “Traffic lights are for weak sheep and the nancy-girls at city hall who need someone to hold their pathetic hands through the harsh wasteland we call life. No one tells Tag Larkin what to do, especially no automated beacon of timed alternating lights, punk.” Then the officer lets him go with a warning, just as long as Tag hands over the open can of HumpMeister beer in his cup holder.

Tagurakin plays his own rules.

If, when you run a red light and police, we are poor and hard-nosed police traffic signals throughout the call girl Nancy Hall vulnerability of sheep in the harsh desert life in your hands to see his people of “tags have to draw Larkin. Someone, punk, not an automated beacon light is alternately Tagurakin instruction, rather than time-out, in particular.”  Later, he warned, HumpMeister cup holder of his hands as officers of the tag, you can go open a beer.

Tag Larkin plays by his own rules…because Tag Larkin has a learning disorder.

Tagurakin Tagurakin he plays by rules … This is a learning disability.

Tag Larkin is big in Japan.  Really big.  He fucks Godzilla.  But not today because it’s Labor Day.





  1. i may try this with my next official report due to the big boss. just because sometimes i’d like to walk the face…

  2. “Who’s your daddy, Godzilla!”


  3. “is to borrow a stick to draw a gun.”

    Still, thats oddly poetic isn’t it…

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