Yom Kippur is not the Jewish Tag Larkin

September 28, 2009

Renal Failure Trent Lott Posse member Rassles inquired during Tag Larkin’s Haiku Friday how Tag Larkin feels about Yom Kippur.  Well, now that it is Yom Kippur Tag Larkin has an answer for her.

Tag Larkin atones for nothing.

Did you know that along side of not eating, you’re also not supposed to bathe, use perfumes or lotions, have sex, or wear leather shoes during Yom Kippur?”  Tag Larkin knows this, and Tag Larkin will not abide by such restrictions.  Tag Larkin is big on hygiene.  Tag Larkin likes to be moisturized to keep his skin from cracking.  Tag Larkin gives up sex for no one, not even Yahweh.  And no one tells Tag Larkin that he can’t wear leather.

Tag Larkin atones for nothing.

Also according to Wikipedia, Traditionally, “Yom Kippur is considered the date on which Moses received the second set of Ten Commandments.”  The second set was needed after Moses broke the first set throwing them in anger when he found the Israelites praying to the Golden Calf.  While Tag Larkin can appreciate breaking things in anger, Tag Larkin is not a fan of the Ten Commandments.  Tag Larkin plays by his own rules, and his own commandments.  Tag is the Lord, your Larkin.  There shall be no other Tag Larkins besides Tag Larkin. Oh, and Tag Larkin does not covet his neighbor’s wife.  Tag Larkin’s neighbor’s wife covets Tag Larkin.

Tag Larkin atones for nothing, because nothing atones for Tag Larkin.





  1. “The Ten Commandments” was a damn fine spectacle of a movie. John Derek as Joshua was kinda hot… love a man with a horn…

  2. Thank god for this. I was starting to think I would never find out.

  3. I didn’t know I was married to Tag Larkin’s neighbour

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