Saturday Meta 10/03/09

October 3, 2009

Regular Renal Readers know we like awards and graphics, so here’s one we won from Kirsten over at The Soccer Mom Files for her caption contest


Moms dig Renal Failure.  Why is that?



  1. Cool. That award escapes me still. On the other hand, I suck at caption contest. Nice going. Tag is proud I’m sure!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed your win!
    I don’t really have anything funny to say…sorry…

  3. this mum digs you as well…. but don’t be calling me mommy in the bedroom

    • Calling a woman mommy has got to be the creepiest thing a guy can do in the bedroom. And if it’s not, then it has to be in the Top Ten.

      • And don’t even think about calling them ‘uncle’… whoa it just gets awkward.

        Hey you continuing on with humorblogs once it becomes a pay site?

      • Probably not, Alex.

  4. Hey guys what are you doing? I stopped by to tell you I am late with posting the winner of my contest and you are it! I’ll have it up in a minute. (yeah. I know. That’s what she said)

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