Saturday Meta 10/10/09

October 10, 2009

Last week we were told late last week by EttaRose that we won her Craption Contest… so let’s put that graphic up.

craption award1
The spice must flow…

We hope that our recent luck with the caption contests on other sites will increase our popularity.

Also we screwed up this week by putting up two posts on Thursday.  We only meant to put up the Tina the Lesbian post.  The Anonymous Doug sex clinic post was supposed to go up next week, but it went up and we kept it there.  Looks like we have to come up with something new for next week.   Damn you, post-a-day schedule!



  1. Concrapulations!!!

  2. […] Failure for: “Saturday Meta 10/10/09” (won Etta Rose’s Craption […]

  3. Just letting you know, I’ve passed along a Superior Scribbler Award to you. Drop by and pick it up.

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