Friday Haiku 11/13/09 – Ninja Vicki

November 13, 2009

Our resident ninja calls this one… “Slim pickings.”

Fuck, how much must I
compromise so I do not
sleep alone tonight?

And this one’s entitled “Billy Mays and his Oxi-Clean ain’t got shit on me.”

Slit throat pours crimson
Staining mess on the carpet
That’s not coming out

vicki smallnote




  1. i can identify with one of these… (sigh)

  2. give me a moment. i got a little misty from these. are you sure these don’t also qualify for “Precious Moments”?

  3. Sleeping alone rocks. Sleeping alone means you can put your foot up on the other pillow, giving your back a relaxing stretch.

    Options are nice, but I’d think a martial-arts type like Ninja Vicki would particularly appreciate the extra legroom.

  4. Just dye the rest of the carpet to match

  5. Good call, Myra!

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