Turn Back the Renal Clock – November 2007

November 23, 2009

We’re ducking out for a spell here on the week of Thanksgiving in the States, so here’s some of our old stuff that you may have missed or forgotten about.  Therefore it’s new to you!

In years past we usually take all of November off to participate in National Novel Writing Month (we haven’t done it the last two years, because I’m not starting a new novel until my lazy underachieving ass finishes writing the old ones).  But we did squeeze in a few posts when the situation warranted them.

There was the time we thought we were going to be blamed for Norman Mailer’s death

Then there was the time that dumb girl at the party told me not to sit in the Cheetos

And then we took up the cause of supporting Huey Lewis and the News against non-believers who were blind to his awesomeness.

Ah… good times.  Except for the Cheetos bitch.




  1. have a superb thanksgiving (i know i will).

    and i’d look up that Cheetos bitch again. she may have mellowed by now.

  2. My bosom is still waiting…..

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