Turn Back the Renal Clock – December 2007: Part One

November 24, 2009

Biker Maidens on wings of steel
Leather valkyries with souls to steal
Lords of night are winter’s keepers
Bathed in light unseen by sleepers

— Feather Healer, the title track off their new album “She Wolf”

And now, back to the Renal Failure posts of December 2007…

Bulimic girls are jealous of the girls with food poisoning.  The dry heaving really tones the abs.

Enemy of the ninja: the common cold.  Ever sneeze in your own mask?

Sherri Shepherd of The View is still the dumbest person in America.

Trent Lott resigns from the US Senate, leaving the Pimp Minister Minority Whip to go seek greener pastures as a lobbyist or as someone running up in your house and stealing your expensive electronics.

vicki smallnote



One comment

  1. i can vouch for that ‘dry heave good for the abs’ thing when i had my last bout of food poisoning. ooo, wait…that was TMI, wasn’t it? damn it, i did it again… my psychologist will be annoyed with me.

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