Turn Back the Renal Clock – December 2007: Part Two

November 25, 2009

Howl, moon goddess, howl
The road’s your slave, the night’s your home
Howl, moon goddess, howl
Death incarnate in steel and chrome
—“Moon Goddess” by Feather Healer off their unreleased album She-Wolf

Samurai Cathy is first mentioned by Ninja Vicki in a story about a crazy woman in Canada hacking people with a samurai sword.

Some video games are more fun than others.  Way more fun.

The Catholic Church put out a coloring book teaching kids how not get molested.  What color will you make Father Pockets’ priestly smock?

The first appearance of Samurai Cathy… getting up in Ninja Vicki’s face about a high school reunion.

cathy smallnote



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