Haiku Friday – Tina the Lesbian

December 4, 2009

Tina calls this one “New Year’s Anxiety” or “I sort of stole this off Ninja Vicki.”

I am not going
straight just to get a kiss at
midnight for New Year’s.

And this one she calls “Why I didn’t drink three bottles of wine on Thanksgiving.”

No sinner comments
Grandma’s in the ICU
Peaceful Thanksgiving




  1. not a good enough reason for anyone to go straight

  2. you could always put some giblets in granny’s feeding tube to assure a pleasant christmas as well…

  3. …but grind them up a little first

  4. Haikus are easier than sonnets.

    • That’s why I do them. And because the brevity of the form feels more powerful.

      But we do enjoy a challenge on occasion here at the Failure.

  5. Loosley titled ‘happy new year’

    New years eve kiss
    Slapped me in the face, oh my,
    Shouldn’t have grabbed boob

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