Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat’s Video Jukebox 12/5/09

December 5, 2009

Return of Ninja Cat!

Bonus: As per Nursemyra’s request, the original Ninja Cat.



  1. would be interested in seeing this filmed in hi-def, and slowed down… to measure just how quickly the cat stops when the feather disappears. but then again, i’m jacked up on nyquil… so anything seems pretty interesting at the moment…

  2. haha….. I remember the first video too (which I loved and made all my friends watch). Can you put a link to it with this post? I tried typing “ninja cat” into your search engine and got every post that featured ninja vicki and bernie the cyborg cat

    • Done and done. I couldn’t find it in my archives either for some reason.

  3. Thank you!

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