A Decade of Sucky Music

December 8, 2009

I want to say that the music of this ending decade sucked a whole lot of ass, but in reality it was just American music in general.

“Finland had a good decade,”  Mikka says.  “Nightwish put out a lot of quality this decade.  So did Sonata Arctica.  Lordi won Eurovision.”

“Plus this is also the decade that gave us Dragonforce,”  I say.  “But really, what was America’s contribution to music this decade?  American Idol?

“And even that show had a British guy running it,”  says Mikka.

“Well, at least America didn’t give us Nickleback this decade,”  I say.  “That’s Canada’s fault, and I don’t believe I’ve heard an apology for that yet.”

“Even Metallica really sucked this decade,”  Mikka said.  “They started off pissing off everyone by going after Napster, then they put out two blah albums.”

“My issue with this decade’s music is that the only thing that sets it apart from other decades’ music is its overproduction,”  I say.  “By that I mean a lot of bands have sounds derivative of previous decades, but it’s just produced better.”

“If it wasn’t for the production values, I would have thought Amy Winehouse’s Rehab was done during Motown’s hey-day,”  says Mikka.  “But I’m glad to see the keytar making a comeback.”

“It’s weird that the 90’s were like a complete backlash against the 80’s, but that the 2000’s were a complete appropriation of both those decades,”  I say.  “For the most part, this was a derivative decade.”

“At least in America it was,”  says Mikka.  “Because we were fucking rocking in Finland.”

The only way the next decade can do worse with music is if it goes all country.




  1. Oh baby you, you got what i need…. but you say he just a friend…

  2. It seems that, even in it’s own era, the music of this decade lacks gravitas and longevity. The music of previous eras persists while the music of this decade fades almost as soon as it is produced.

    I wrote on this, myself, a while ago. Here, if anyone is interested.

  3. with you, man. i sort of gave up on this decades music and started dragging out the old CDs, vinyl, and tapes (no, i don’t have any 8-tracks)

  4. I kinda like alt.country……

  5. Theres no need to look outside of scandinavia for music.

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