Friday Haiku – Christmas Edition

December 18, 2009

A few holiday haikus from the Renal Failure players… the first one’s from Ninja Vicki.

Down through the chimney?
No, through your bedroom window
Comes ol’ Ninja Vick!

Our second one is from Anonymous Doug…

Thick putrid egg nog
Hides GHB flawlessly
Silent sexy night

And our last one is from Tag Larkin…

A mistletoe kiss?
Tag Larkin expects much more
Second base at least




  1. Those poems don’t even rhyme.

  2. Ninja Vicki is old?

    Anonymous Doug is starting to scare me

    Tag Larkin can get to third base with me any day

  3. 30 is pretty old for ninjas. Usually they don’t live that long.

  4. You’re not planning on killing her off anytime soon I hope

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