Four Years of Failure

December 20, 2009

No Precious Encouragement today because December 20th is our blog birthday.  We’ve completed our fourth year of wild fabrications and outright lies, and admittedly we feel like we limped to this milestone.

Note: And by “we” I mean me, because only one person writes Renal Failure.  It’s the royal “we,” but since we own no title or land it should be known in our case as the Renal “we.”

Anyway… limping to this milestone of our 4th birthday…

Don’t worry, we’re not giving up, but we are rethinking our commitment to the post-a-day pace we’ve kept up for the better part of those four years (and over 1,400 posts).  We just want to make sure Renal Failure  doesn’t become a chore rather than a fun hobby and writing exercise that it’s supposed to be, and we don’t want our efforts to be half-assed either.  So if a day goes by without a post or a  Precious Encouragement or a Video Jukebox or a Haiku: don’t panic.  I might just be busy doing something else with our life that day.  Maybe we’re working on a Crimson Paraplegic novel, maybe we just didn’t have time, maybe we just have nothing to say… OR maybe we accidentally dropped our laptop off the couch and broke the little plug that’s for charging the battery and we have to wait for Geek Squad to fix it or we have to get a brand new one.

So yeah… we’re not gone.  We’re just busy with other stuff.

We’d like to thank all our readers and commenters who enjoy the Failure.  You guys get it.  And very special thanks to our number one fan Nursemyra, and the members of the Trent Lott Posse like Alex, Sledpress, Daisyfae, and Rassles who comment here on a regular basis.   And even our irregular commenters as well.

Year 5 begins…



  1. Glad to hear that Renal Failure has not gone into cardiac arrest. Keep passing those stones.

    By the way, isn’t your number one fan, nursemyra, on a roll?


    Congratulations on not only running at full steam for as long as you have, but for deciding to maybe possibly add a little life to your life with slowing down a bit..its a hard decision sometimes, but as one of your irregulars I agree completely..

  3. the ‘post a day’ is impressive…. especially over 4 years. you write it, i’ll read it. now, get off that sofa and get some nookie, ok?

  4. Perhaps you should have begun on a leap year, on the 29th of February, that way, after four years of blogging you could proudly declare that it’s your first birthday.

  5. As a late discoverer of RF and quite irregular* commenter i just want to say thanks for all the great blogging.

    * i resolve to eat more fiber in 2010

  6. Fuck four years and 1400 posts… thats outstanding considering the quality of what you do. Its a pleasure to read it, it really is.

  7. I’ll still be here reading it all. Whatever and whenever you write, I’ll be reading it xx

  8. Blogging when We have something to say is for Wimps.

  9. You’re a fucking winner, daily posts or no.

  10. ease up on yourself. there’s some of us (me, for instance) who struggle with one post a week. your fans all know what you can do, every day or whenever you get the spark, and will be here to read it.

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