Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat’s Video Jukebox 01/16/10

January 16, 2010

Bad mental health week… need cat videos…

Really bad week… need to double my usual dosage…


  1. wait, what? cats understand Japanese? in my Anglo-centric world, i thought all cats only understood English (in it’s various, even if sometimes unrecognizable, forms)

  2. good timing. an orange cat is being delivered to my house this afternoon. i’m going to teach it to shake hands and be jealous of my phone.

  3. sorry about your bad mental health week…. but I love that it makes you post kitty videos xx

  4. I want a japanese lady to come and teach my cat tricks… She can stay after the trick teaching if she likes

  5. Dear RF,

    If your mental health week doesn’t get better, I will force it to get better by the strength of my will and my brain.

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