Lent’s Make a Deal!

March 19, 2010

At this time I’d like to register a complaint against the Catholic Church that doesn’t involve the topic of rampant institutionally-condoned child buggery. It involves the Lenten season where practicing Catholics aren’t supposed to eat meat on Fridays for a span of 40 days (and where I can go to Burger King without it being crowded).

From a letter to parishes by Archbishop Justin Rigali of Philadelphia…

Because the Feast of Saint Joseph will be on a Friday in Lent this year, the obligation to abstain from meat does not bind on the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Friday, March 19, 2010.

So remember… don’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent, unless there’s this really kickin’ party, then it’s okay.

Apparently they do can do this with St. Patrick’s Day if it falls on a Friday too, because even the bishops know you need some meat in your belly if you’re going to get your drink on.

I don’t see this Feast Loophole bullshit with Ramadan or Yom Kippur. You can’t make a big deal about the sacredness of the Lenten season and then just toss out one of its basic rules just because something else cooler like St. Joe’s Totally Motherfucking Bitchin’  Fish and Kegs Spring Fling falls on one of your non-meat eating Fridays. You should not be able to bargain with your so-called holy season.  The Lord is not Monty Hall. 

Yet another reason I’m an atheist…  I don’t have to follow arbitrary rules about what I eat, and the only person I need a dispensation from is myself.  I guess that’s what twelve years of Catholic school gets you: a fast-track to atheism and an eternal attraction to girls in plaid skirts and knee-socks. 



  1. quick question on the ‘costume’ – saddle shoes or mary janes? i’m, ummm…. asking for a friend.

    • My preference is Mary Janes. They’re classy and go well with many outfits.

      • whew. that’s what i have on hand. the flats, not the ‘stripper heels’ version.

      • how about two schoolgirls for the price of one? I’ve got a plaid skirt and a crush on daisyfae

      • @Daisy: Or rather, your “friend” has the flats. Flats work just fine.

        @Nursemyra: But of course. Hey, there’s an idea for a future Friday: Schoolgirl Friday.

  2. Personally, I didn’t know this and as a Catholic, I would like to thank you, my heathen friend, for making me aware of this. Now I plan on going and getting a big-ass burger. Wooo. Yeah, baby.

  3. […] shout-out today to St. Joseph for allowing me to have this burger, and a special shout-out to Renal Failure for pointing out to me that I […]

  4. I gave up Catholicism for lent about fifteen years ago and just never went back.

  5. Now there’s an outfit for Nursemyra.

  6. We had people dropping off food at our office for St. Joseph all goddamn day.

    • Did you say goddamn thank you rassles?

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