All into the valley of death rode the 1500…

March 27, 2010

We would like to take this time to announce that this is Renal Failure 1,500th post. Yes… we’re just as surprised as you are.

(Note: The video of the cat with the surprised look and wide open mouth in our original posting of this got taken down.)

Considering most blogs don’t even get past their 15th post, or even reach 150 posts, we’d like to think hitting 1,500 is a big fucking deal.  And not only in terms of prolific writing but in quality as well, meaning we’d like to think that not only has Renal Failure been a highly proficient blog when it comes to content but that said content is of a consistently high and unique caliber that has improved over the four-plus years we’ve been doing Renal Failure.

So at this time we’d like to open the floor for questions that our Renal Readers, neophytes and longtime, may have regarding Renal Failure.  We’re sure over the course of  these 1,500 posts there are things you’d like clarified or answered that haven’t been addressed in any of the aforementioned 1,500 posts.   Leave your inquiries as a comment and they will be addressed.

(In fact, we’ll answer one question right off the top: There is only one writer here at Renal Failure; I just like using the Royal “We.”)

Hope you’re all still around if we hit 2,000.  We’ll even be delighted if you stick around for 1,501.


  1. 1500. Wow. Happy “anniversary”, then. Or birthday. Or whatever you would call your 1500th post. I’m a very new reader and wouldn’t want to ask something that has already been covered in the 1499 other entries, so I’ll just leave it at the hearty CONGRATULATIONS. And here’s to 1500 more!

    • On the contrary, you should ask so I can put up a link to that specific post or posts and save you the trouble of digging through four years of material.

  2. I still wanna see the story of how Marlie and Bernie hooked up…

  3. Is Tag Larkin ever going to come to Australia and sweep me off my feet?

    • As soon as they take Tag Larkin off that no-fly list…

  4. is it accidental that psycho dave looks like jim carrey? would ninja vicki, samurai cathy and tina the lesbian ever do a sleep over and have a pillow fight, then end up… well, you know… ?

    • Psycho Dave looks more like Christian Bale in American Psycho.

      Only in non-existent realm of Renal Failure slash-fiction would Vicki, Cathy, and Tina have a sexy slumber party. And I doubt Renal Failure is popular enough to warrant other people doing such fan-fiction.

  5. 1500 is a a big fucking BFD! Congrats!

  6. This is an impressive feat. I have no questions. I trust that you’ll answer it eventually. Just like on LOST.

  7. Is Tag Larkin available?

    • hey Thomas, hands off Tag Larkin. Daisyfae and I have first dibs

  8. 1500? I despise the tyranny of the natural numbers.

  9. Holy F$%#@! 1500 posts. That’s a frigging lot. Congrats :)

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