Tag Larkin’s Video Jukebox 04/03/10

April 3, 2010

Tag Larkin has been directing even more commercials for Old Spice…

I think this guy goes to Sledpress’s gym.



  1. I wish. We are in this phase right now where the old musclehead gym I loved linked up with one of those fitness franchises and bewildered civilians with dunlaps and street shoes are fumbling around. on the less strenuous equipment all morning. I wish them luck but I need a few more animals to create the right scenery…

  2. Is this the Terry Tate guy from a few years ago? Both are hilarious.


  3. love the jitterbugging pecs

  4. i would pay a lot of money to have him accompany me at work for a few days… maybe not the most obvious fantasy, but a yummy one nonetheless…

  5. I don’t know, I’m a real big fan of the one one with the horse. I have my reasons.

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