Were we 41st? No, we weren’t…

May 17, 2010

The London Times put out a list of “40 bloggers who really count” and guess who wasn’t listed on it.

There wasn’t a “liars” category in the story, so Renal Failure was without its greatest strength: being a blog of wild fabrications and outright lies.  There also was no category about ninjas, half-cyborg cats, and Tag Larkin either.

The list seemed heavy on fashion sites, with seven slots on the list.  Perhaps if we dressed better we would have stood a better chance, despite our past entries to Nursemyra’s T-Shirt Fridays.   Then again, Nursemyra and her Corset Fridays didn’t make the list either and that’s the most fashionable thing on the Internet.

Maybe we’re on another list, like “40 bloggers who sort of maybe count.”  Or “40 bloggers with less than 100 daily readers who count.”  Or “40 bloggers who would herald the end of civilization as we know it if the counted but don’t.”

What would happen though if Renal Failure actually did count?  Would counting change us?  For the better?  The worse?  Would we not swear as much?  Shy away from certain topics?  Stop ourselves from following ideas to their sometimes horrifying, macabre, and inappropriate ends?  Relevance changes a person.

Well, it’s just as well we didn’t make the list.  We’d lose all our indie cred that way.  And it’s the purest indie cred too, because we’re not even at the stage where an Alpha Hipster becomes aware of us and then tells the Betas around him about the greatest new site ever with a wiccan pimp and a paraplegic superhero.  We are ripe for the tapping, like an off-shore oil deposit waiting for British Petroleum to start drilling and then fuck up and spill millions of gallons of eco-death fluid into the Gulf of Mexico.  We could be that disaster for Hipster Petroleum!

Eh, fuck it.  Hockey’s on.  Stanley Cup Playoffs.  That’s what really counts.



  1. i’ve just started Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point”. will see if i can figure out a clue to make you viral. Well, other than giving you some sort of pesky infection…

    • Let me know how you go with that daisyfae…. I got a little bored about 3/4 way through

  2. Huh. I just assumed it was the top 40 list of OCD bloggers. Now I feel really bad that I didn’t make the list, ‘cos I have no indie cred whatsoever.

    • Better than having NO cred. That’d be me…sigh.

  3. RF, you’re too cool for that hoi polloi list. But you’ll always have a prime position on my sidebar.

  4. The Alpha Hipster, by the way, is always a her.

  5. Among my list of Blog Topics That Don’t Really Count For Shit I think I would put Fashion at the top of the list.

  6. Of the 40 blogs listed in the article, I’ve visited one personally and read one over my wife’s shoulder.

    Briefly. God, it sucked.

    So, regardless of whether or not you’re all the rage in London, I think your site is much more entertaining than, say, Perez fucking Hilton’s.

    And, yes, hockey. Go, Flyers!

  7. One, two, three, four. . . I’m sure you count, renalfailure. so do I and I didn’t make the list either.

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