When will Canada make a Maru Holiday?

May 25, 2010

Yesterday was a good day.  It was Victoria Day in Canada, so we drank to the queen as usual.  Then we watched the Phladelphia Flyers elimate the last remaining Canadian team in the NHL playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens, to reach the Stanley Cup Finals vs. the Chicago Blackhawks.  But more important than all of that was the fact that it was Maru’s birthday.

Sometimes when we get mad at Bernie the Half Cyborg Cat for being an asshole, we say to him “Why aren’t you Maru?”  And then he feels sad because he is not Maru, and he stops being an asshole.  That does seem rather cruel, but then again Bernie can get really mean sometimes.

So here’s to Maru’s third birthday, and we hope for many more years of Maru awesomeness.



  1. Maru is better than anything on television! What an entertainer – and I am a dog person… Have sent your url to all the cat people in the family. What a hoot. Well done. If Maru likes quotes, he might like the history of mankind in two questions?

    What could it hurt?

    How was I supposed to know?



  2. Want a kitty.

  3. Want Maru

  4. i would celebrate Maru day by hiding in a box. maybe with a bag over my head.

  5. Poor Bernie. It’s hard to compete with so much awesomeness.

  6. My roommate is gone. She took her cats. I am alone. I never thought I’d miss cats so much. Fucking Maru ruins my life.

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