Trent Lott is on the other side of the mountain

June 7, 2010

It’s been a while since we inducted a new member into Renal Failure’s illustrious Trent Lott Posse, but that just shows how discerning the former pimptastic senator from Mississippi is.  But kyknoord has proven himself worthy of rolling with T-Lott.

Kyknoord runs The Other Side of the Mountain,  and he’s got his own comic.  You don’t have your own comic.  And he’s provided a steady stream of comments here and that’s how you get our attention here at the Failure of Renalness.

I don’t know if that new WordPress theme will let you post this on your sidebar, kyknoord, but find a place for this and fly this honor proudly.  You’ve earned it.



  1. gin and juice, bitches…

  2. Awesome. I have not the words, but I promise I’ll stop sending you photos of myself in the nude now.

  3. West side holla… it’s west side right?

    Maybe we should get a hand geture for our violence gang?

  4. a worthy member

  5. Woord up to the knoord!

  6. I followed the link back from kyknoord’s place. Nice diggs! And now I can subscribe for new stuff!

    • You can spend all day here Izaak, there’s over four years worth of fun waiting for you.

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