Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat’s Video Jukebox 07/02/10

July 2, 2010

Humanity is one step closer to building their own Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat…

Next, we put on the guns!




  1. I saw that Oscar video the other day. Shit made me cry. Fucking adorable animals.

  2. I keep hearing the words, “You have twenty seconds to comply…”

    • ED209 kitty wants you to put down your weapon and rub its tummy or it will be authorized to use lethal force.

      We had a deal with the military, spare parts and catnip for 20 years. Who cared if it worked?

  3. I am in love with that vet

  4. Maru always kind of looks a little angry to me… maybe the fame is getting to him.

    • Maru is like the Tag Larkin of cats. They’re both disappointed in the world not being as awesome as they are.

  5. I want bionic feet.

    • You’ve already got the most bionic bazookas Dolce

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